Monday, January 18, 2010

Veggie Tales

Last night on our way home from a jog, we went to pick up our weekly box of veggies. Our standard Monday evening routine. Only this time the owner struck up a conversation with M (well technically he was talking to both of us, but my brain seems to realize that we only have about 100 days left in Japan, and has subsequently decided that it can longer process the language) about a yamaimo.

The shop owner was asking M if we like yamaimo and what we do with it, and M looked back at me for guidance. I've mentioned once or twice (okay, a few times) that I'm not a yamaimo fan, but I also never want to be rude. So I asked M to politely convey that we find yamaimo to be a little slimy for our tastes.

The owner was really gracious about it, and said he thought there was one in our box, so he walked outside with us to check. M found it, and handed it to the owner, who said he is always happy to swap anything we don't like for a different fruit or vegetable. He started to head back inside to do just that, but then turned and asked what we've been doing with the ones we've received in past weeks. M explained, while pantomiming, that I always just slip it in someone else's box.

The owner was so incredibly amused by this that he gripped the railing and fell into a squatting position while laughing hysterically. Ah well. At least this time being comical got me two extra apples!

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