Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Molasses Sugar Cookies

Enough with the healthy recipes flooding the blogosphere. It's 7 degrees out. Seven. And the wind chill makes it feel like -6 degrees. I love salads and kale, but with those conditions they're the last things I want to be eating. I want more cookies.

These are very slightly adapted from my grandmother's recipe (and her recipe is actually Betty Crocker's).

Molasses Sugar Cookies

3/4 C melted butter, cooled slightly
1 C sugar
1/4 C molasses
1 egg
2 t baking soda
2 C all-purpose flour
1 t ground ginger
1 t cinnamon
1/2 t salt

Mix ingredients in order given. Chill dough for 30 minutes. Form into 1" balls. Roll in granulated sugar and place 2" apart on greased cookie sheets. Bake at 315 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Stuff

A Lesson in Juicing

- I've never really been interested in juicing. Until Heidi's post. Photo and link via 101 Cookbooks.

- You need to spend some time on this website. Seriously. via Shutterbean

- This dates me. But it still rules. via Design Mom

- Loving personal bubbles. via ...erm I forget and Design Mom

- via Sassy Radish: "SNL’s Fred Armisen was on This American Life a little while ago, and the episode was centered on doppelgangers. Here’s part of the SNL rehearsal, that never made it onto the show, where Fred plays Ira Glass, the NPR’s show host."

- This made me giggle via Dooce

Friday, January 18, 2013


I've had more cringe-worthy moments than I care to admit in the past couple of days.

Today I was out shopping and noticed an intriguing item on a clearance rack, buried under other a number of other items. You see what's coming, right? I grabbed the item I was looking at and sent a penguin cookie jar flying. I watched in slow-motion as it arced up, hit the ground, bounced, and then shattered.


I felt terrible (still feel terrible), found an employee, apologized profusely, and walked away hanging my head in shame.

What does this all have to do with cookies? (Aside from the sacrificial cookie jar.) Nothing. Other than that I over-analyze and hang onto trivial things for far too long, and cookies make me feel better. Maybe they make you feel better too.

If so, you should try making Springerles. They are tasty little tiles, lightly licorice flavored, and perfect for dunking in your morning coffee or tea.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Stuff

Loved Damian Lewis on Life, love him now on Homeland, and yes, love this too. via Shutterbean

Words are neat. 25 handy words that simply don’t exist in English. via Dooce

I'm always curious about Kickstarter campaigns that make it, enter outgrow.me, a marketplace for the ones that were successfully funded and produced. Yup, my beloved jellyfish tank is among them.  via not martha

I still don't like cold weather. But this rainbow igloo is purty. via Design Mom

DANG IT. This makes me want to sing along to a Taylor Swift song. via Early Mama

Much of this resolution post and this one resonated with me.