Wednesday, October 10, 2012

legendary & lame


+ Magnetic wallpaper! How fun is this?! Next house, this is going in a powder room (wallpaper like this transforms half-baths into powder rooms).

+ Etiquette and manners. If I had a posse, Emily Post would be in it. (Okay, so it's an imaginary posse of ghosts. Details.) I'm kind-of a stickler for them (I know, shocker, this doesn't fit with my personality at all), and I'm always impressed when other people display that they matter to them too. I believe I have my grandparents to thank for this in large part (parental units too of course), as I went to a lot of nice restaurants with them when I was young. We ate where they wanted to eat and we ate on their schedule. Was I always excited about that? Probably not, but it stuck with me, and I value the lessons I learned from them. No surprise then that I hope we can get manners to stick with Josephine too. This seems like a fun way to start.

+ Moms (and dads!) in the photos with their kids. This is especially relevant with the holidays - and photo card frenzy - right around the corner. I know, I know, your kids ARE cute, but I knew you before I knew your kids, and I happen to like seeing you too. So do it for your card recipients, but more importantly, do it for your kids.

+ This is the most beautiful food truck I've ever seen. Added to the to-do list for my next trip out to San Fran.

+ Cider mills, hot donuts, apple cider, and the explosion of color happening on the trees right now, almost makes colder weather bearable.


- Almost, but not quite. Cold weather stinks. If you need me, I'll be in front of a space heater until May.

- There is no pink (just to be clear, that's legendary, not lame), so why do baby clothes designers continuously put out little girl clothing that looks like a box of glitter/gang of Barbies/basket of fairies exploded on them. Enough already!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Belly Delight: Banana & Butternut Buttermilk Cake

The addition of butternut squash and warm spices (I used ginger instead of cardamon) give this cake a subtle, but delightful, autumn flavor. Despite its shape, this falls solidly in the banana bread category for me, however, add a drizzle of brown sugar icing or serve it with pumpkin ice cream (or both! go crazy!) and it becomes a dessert just right for cool fall days.

Even though critters consumed about two-thirds of the squash in our garden, we still have more than our fair share of butternut squash, so I'll be trying to find lots of butternut belly delights in the coming weeks!