Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am a very neat, organized, and detail-oriented person. My closet is arranged first by type of clothing, and then by color within those categories. My spice rack is in alphabetical order (I contend that this one is not unusual, but I know at least one friend is going to disagree with me. Seriously, how do you quickly find the paprika if they are all jumbled together?!) I love editing, and delight in finding misuses of "it's." I will re-load dishwashers in order to get them more organized (there's a "right" way). 

As a type this though, there are piles of folded laundry at one end of the living room, another pile of clean, but neglected, laundry at the other end, and a variety of dog and baby toys strewn in between. Parenthood has brought a whole new level of disorder to my life, and I love it.