Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 39

The items: Folding fabric sling chair.
The backstory: I picked this chair up at a resale shop years ago, and dyed it from dingy to purple. But not well enough, because too much time in the sun, and it became dingy purple. I didn't like it enough to try and redye it and fix it back up again, and it weren't using it much anyway.
Method of expulsion: Set on the side of the road, and someone picked it up and took it home with them.
Monetary impact: $0
YTD monetary impact: $469.13

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 38

image 1

The items: Baby stuff! A baby gate and 2 bags of baby/toddler clothes.
The backstory: Outgrown and no longer used.
Method of expulsion: Given to 2 different families.
Monetary impact: $0
YTD monetary impact: $469.13

Kickstart Your Week

These are my favorite projects that I've seen on Kickstarter lately. What are yours?

Project image

A butter spreader that works with the heat of your hand.

Sticky page markers that let you build a scene as you add more to your book.

A portable shape changing doll house/playscape.

(All photos via Kickstarter)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Stuff
Photo by James Ransom, via Food52

I wrote about shallots and what to pick up at the farmers market this week.

Don't ever be afraid to change. via How Sweet It Is

"if you want to share a particularly inspiring item, you literally share it." via My Name is Yeh
Every comment on recipe blogs.

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom via Dooce

Why we should abolish zoos.

What writers can learn from Goodnight Moon.

I know, I know, who needs more in their inbox, right? But these 8 newsletters might change your mind.

Open your mouth and you're dead. (Competitive freediving)

Female Photographer Imagines Her Life with Dozens of Different Partners in ‘Self Portraits with Men’ via Shutterbean

Teachers are awesome. See #22 and #28. via Shutterbean

Wall pockets.

Week 37

The items: Chairs.
The backstory: These were given to us by a friend who was moving and couldn't take them with her. I loved them, but the rust I found charming was taking over to a point that made them less than appealing to sit in. So I tried to strip the paint and clean up the rust, with the intention of repainting them. But after 2 tedious (and unsuccessful) rounds of paint stripper and scraping, I threw in the towel.
Method of expulsion: Set on the side of the road -- a truck picked them up within an hour.
Monetary impact: $0
YTD monetary impact: $469.13

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 36

The items: Baby stuff. Changing pad, covers, travel highchair, travel placemat.
The backstory: As with previously sold/donated baby stuff, these were no longer being used.
Method of expulsion: Given to friends.
Monetary impact: $0
YTD monetary impact: $469.13

Monday, September 1, 2014

Kickstart Your Week

Happy Monday! People are doing such cool things on Kickstarter that I decided to start sharing some of my favorites on a regular basis. (Just because I am pairing down the crud in our house does not mean I'm against shopping or purchasing new things that will be put to good use or add value to our lives.)

First up, Hedge by Cora Neil Design. How gorgeous are these? If you'd like to get me an expensive Christmas present, you can be done with your shopping right now. These planters (check out the wall options too) are awesome. 

Next, the Less Mess Happy Mat by Lindsey Laurain. Simplify the mealtime experience for kids and parents with an integrated placemat and plate that self-seals to the table. So smart. "The mats are FDA approved and BPA, PVC, lead and Phthalate-free (so they're safe for growing bodies). They are made from the best quality silicone available and pass the most rigid food safety testing standards (CPSIA Certified). Additionally, Happy Mats are dishwasher and microwave safe."