Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Stuff

I've been writing about: the 14 foods to consider buying organic, parsley (and 8 green sauces to use it in), yuca, and taro.

The apple slice.

Birds are the bestvia Design Mom

A ball that's a computer. You can kick, throw, and bounce it AND program your own games.

On racism and liberalism and raising anti-racist children. via The Ann Friedman Weekly

Why are some people called expats and others immigrants? via Design Mom

Have you heard of The Stitch? Add an orange zigzag to an item of clothing, and let the stitches help reduce the stigma that surrounds talking about being abused as a child. via Design Mom

Thursday, March 5, 2015

January / February Purge

Even though I haven't been getting rid of one thing every week like last year, I'm still very much sticking with my goal of reducing what I have down to items that are useful and/or make me happy to look at them.

  • A bagful of items sent to Twice. It's so easy! They'll send you a bag with a pre-paid label (or you can just print out a label if you have a box handy), you fill it with items, send it off to them, and they'll email you your offer, which you can approve (or not) and then get your payout in a variety of different ways. I took it as a Target gift card, because you get a small bonus.
  • A carload of miscellaneous items taken to Salvation Army.


  • My old breast pump -- turns out you can recycle them!
  • Another bag of clothes to Twice.
  • More clothes/purses set aside for an annual clothing swap. (not pictured)
  • Another carload of miscellaneous items taken to Salvation army.
  • Over 100 books. They went to a local place that sells them on consignment on your behalf and donates what can't be sold. (not pictured)