Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Stuff

When your house is dirty and your kids are screaming, why care about Ferguson via Dooce

What Black Parents Tell Their Sons About the Police  via Dooce

Dear White Mom. via Dooce

Ten Things White People Can Do About Ferguson Besides Tweet via Dooce

"Much as water can be taken for granted by a fish.

Spanking the gray matter out of our kids. via Design Mom

And on a lighter note....

                                 Photos by James Ransom, via Food52

I wrote about what to pick up at the farmers market, cucumbers, and more cucumbers.

40 years of birthday self-portraits. One woman, from age 30 to 70. (She’s bare-chested, so don’t click if you're bothered by boobs.) via Design Mom

I shared The Minimalists with you last week, but if you haven't watched their TEDx talk, take 15 minutes to do so. And then go clear some clutter. Also interesting, their 3 tips to improve your writing.

What level of introvert are you? Functional! Whew. via Shutterbean

Party-leaving etiquette: do you say goodbye or leave quietly? (Chocolate and Zucchini says in French, leaving quietly is called filer à l’anglaise, "making an English exit.")

10 things you should never serve at a dinner party. #7. Yes! Nothing gets me like asparagus out of season. I know. I have issues.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 35

The items: Clothes! I know, I know, but a serious purge this time.
The backstory: I attacked my closet this week. Guess how many pairs of jeans I purged? Seven. (And two additional pairs got turned into cutoffs.) I mean, I live in jeans, but still, that's kind of ridiculous. Being able to wear a different pair every day for 3 weeks might be a tad excessive. Eight belts. Shirts, dresses, shoes etc etc.

Do you bargain with yourself about clothes? I do. I keep things that are horrible condition -- sandals that are falling apart, favorite t-shirts with pit stains -- and tell myself that I'm just keeping them until I can replace them. But do I ever replace them? No, because I have the cruddy item to tide me over. No more!
Method of expulsion: Donated to Planet Aid.
Monetary impact: $0
YTD monetary impact: $469.13

Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 34

The items: Curtain rods, planters, humidifier, lamp shades, tree stand, clock, etc.
The backstory: I felt like I needed to do a big purge to make up for last week, and pulled a lot of items to donate. My daughter wanted in on the action, and picked out a bunch of stuffed animals that she wanted to donate too!
Method of expulsion: Donated to Salvation Army
Monetary impact: $0
YTD monetary impact: $469.13

Confused? Here's what's going on.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Stuff

In 1925, Ernest Hemingway wrote in a letter: "Writing is the only thing worth a damn. Unless you're a painter. Then it's painting."

A free new cookbook aimed at helping America’s 47 million food stamp users create healthy meals on $4 per day.

I haaaaate being late. So I frequently look like this. #8 might be my favorite. via Shutterbean

Beauty product names make no sense. via Shutterbean

Christina Hendrick's letter to men is pretty spot on, but I'm with Tracy -- NOT down with the word "panties." via Shutterbean

Thinking about the moment before. via Design Mom

The Minimalists.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 33

Late again, but completed on time!

The items: Clothes -- a couple items.
The backstory: I listed some household items to sell online this week, but nothing sold, and the end of the week crept up before I knew it, so I pulled a couple more items from my closet!
Method of expulsion: Added to a bag in the basement to donate once it's filled up.
Monetary impact: $0
YTD monetary impact: $469.13

Confused? Here's what's going on.

Links I Loved

Photo by James Ransom via Food52

On Food52, the 3 things to pick up at the market this week and everything you need to know about blackberries.

An open letter to Hillary Clinton from Marianne Williamson.

Are you raising nice kids? 5 ways to help them learn to be kind. So we can see more examples like this.

What a son. I totally teared up. Parenthood makes me weepy. via Shutterbean

This NPR segment on the link between play and brain development.  “Countries where they actually have more recess tend to have higher academic performance than countries where recess is less.” via The Mom Edit

Two if by Sea's bird designs make me want wallpaper. Or maybe just gift wrap.

Design for MiniKind: "I live in my head, where my thoughts churn like slow ice cream, folding over and over into one another until something deliciously insightful forms, a tasty dessert for my soul to dine on." Yes.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 32

A little late getting posted, but was completed on time!

The items: Curtain rods, a glass fish, and a creamer bowl.
The backstory: The curtain rods were all removed from our windows after getting new window shades, and the other two items were kick-knacks living in the basement.
Method of expulsion: The curtain rods were sold online, the other two were sold at a consignment shop with a friend's help.
Monetary impact: $50
YTD monetary impact: $469.13

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 31

The items: Clothes! 
The backstory: Some clothing that wasn't in super great shape (not good enough to try and sell online), and a couple of items that were mine from when I was little that Josephine has outgrown.
Method of expulsion: Donation bin and given to a friend.
Monetary impact: $0
YTD monetary impact: $419.13

Confused? Here's what's going on.