Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 35

The items: Clothes! I know, I know, but a serious purge this time.
The backstory: I attacked my closet this week. Guess how many pairs of jeans I purged? Seven. (And two additional pairs got turned into cutoffs.) I mean, I live in jeans, but still, that's kind of ridiculous. Being able to wear a different pair every day for 3 weeks might be a tad excessive. Eight belts. Shirts, dresses, shoes etc etc.

Do you bargain with yourself about clothes? I do. I keep things that are horrible condition -- sandals that are falling apart, favorite t-shirts with pit stains -- and tell myself that I'm just keeping them until I can replace them. But do I ever replace them? No, because I have the cruddy item to tide me over. No more!
Method of expulsion: Donated to Planet Aid.
Monetary impact: $0
YTD monetary impact: $469.13

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