Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Every year I think about resolutions. Sometimes I write down a long list, other years it stays in my head. Some of the goals get checked off at the end of the year, while other remain ignored (Hitting my running mileage goals? Done. Starting to sew? Not so much.). This year I'm upping my odds of success by limiting my resolutions to two, and increasing my accountability by sharing them with you.

1. "Err in the direction of kindness." Thank you George Saunders. (He wrote Tenth of December, so I'm already partial to his great taste in calendar dates.) This gem is from his convocation speech at Syracuse University for the class of 2013. It's good. You should read it.

2. Get rid of one thing a week. I like stuff. I'm not against stuff. I got a number of new shiny things for Christmas that I'm extremely excited about. But I don't like having stuff sitting neglected in boxes or hanging unworn in my closet. So this year I'm getting serious about purging, and you get to play along. I'm planning to post the item of the week on Fridays.

Happy New Year! To borrow a phrase from a pal -- May the year of the horse be a tour de force.


Cynthia said...

I like your idea of getting rid of one thing a week - I am going to try it too.

Lindsay-Jean said...

Cool, a purging partner in crime! If you decide any of those cookbooks don't fit your new organization scheme, just shout, I'm happy to help. ;)