Thursday, March 5, 2015

January / February Purge

Even though I haven't been getting rid of one thing every week like last year, I'm still very much sticking with my goal of reducing what I have down to items that are useful and/or make me happy to look at them.

  • A bagful of items sent to Twice. It's so easy! They'll send you a bag with a pre-paid label (or you can just print out a label if you have a box handy), you fill it with items, send it off to them, and they'll email you your offer, which you can approve (or not) and then get your payout in a variety of different ways. I took it as a Target gift card, because you get a small bonus.
  • A carload of miscellaneous items taken to Salvation Army.


  • My old breast pump -- turns out you can recycle them!
  • Another bag of clothes to Twice.
  • More clothes/purses set aside for an annual clothing swap. (not pictured)
  • Another carload of miscellaneous items taken to Salvation army.
  • Over 100 books. They went to a local place that sells them on consignment on your behalf and donates what can't be sold. (not pictured)

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