Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Stuff

A Lesson in Juicing

- I've never really been interested in juicing. Until Heidi's post. Photo and link via 101 Cookbooks.

- You need to spend some time on this website. Seriously. via Shutterbean

- This dates me. But it still rules. via Design Mom

- Loving personal bubbles. via ...erm I forget and Design Mom

- via Sassy Radish: "SNL’s Fred Armisen was on This American Life a little while ago, and the episode was centered on doppelgangers. Here’s part of the SNL rehearsal, that never made it onto the show, where Fred plays Ira Glass, the NPR’s show host."

- This made me giggle via Dooce


K and S said...

wouldn't mind making my own almond milk :) great post!

Lindsay-Jean said...

Thanks Kat - hope your week gets off to a great start!