Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spinach Quiche

When it's cold and blustery out, I want warm comfort food, and generally that means soup. I could probably be happy with soup for dinner every night of the week (okay, almost every night), but for the sake of variety sometimes you have to switch it up. So I'd like to suggest a spinach quiche.

I based it off of this Smitten Kitchen recipe, and for those of you with healthy new year's resolutions, this really isn't all that bad for you. It only calls for 3 eggs, I used soy milk instead of the half and half, and you could even reduce the amount of cheese (but the recipe doesn't call for an outrageous amount, so I say go for it). Since it's the time of year where we have leafy greens coming out of our ears, I loaded this up with fresh instead of frozen spinach. And because I'm a bit neurotic about throwing away delicious flaky crust, I had to use the excess to decorate the top - but yours will taste just as good without the little flowers on it. Promise.