Monday, June 29, 2009

Shopping Spree

I've hardly done any clothes shopping during our time here for reasons I've griped about rather frequently to family and friends. For one thing, most shops cater to women with a Japanese frame (obviously), and a lot of the popular styles are less than flattering to a curvy American body. It is also more expensive, and frankly it just isn't as much fun to be buying the largest sizes in the store when you're used to being a smaller size in the States.

There are chain stores like Gap and Banana Republic where I know the clothes will fit, and be available in my regular size - but they are still expensive. Banana's prices seem to be about 1.5 to 2 times as high, and Gap's prices seem higher too - for example, the short sleeve hoodie below was originally about $70 USD. But when either of those stores have sales, I'm there, and this past weekend I picked up these three discounted items. And if you wondering how I'm able to buy my usual size at Gap when I'm at the large end of body sizes here in Japan, it's because here Gap adds an XXS size for the smaller Japanese body types.

Any guesses as to which of the three items M picked out for me? He brings color to my world and my closet!


Mike said...

Color and curves! A sweet 1-2 punch!!!

Alice said...

..and stripes? I thought you had a thing against stripes

LJ said...

I DO have a thing against stripes. But I also have a thing against sweating through t-shirts in this weather, so I needed to expand my tank selection. Plus at only 10 bucks each, stripes are growing on me. A little. :)