Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clean-up Karma?

Every so often there is a binder that gets passed around the units of our mansion (see A's entry on it here) to notify us of important neighborhood events. It seems like it shows up in our doorway constantly, but I just find it annoying, so it probably seems more often than it actually is. As you can see in A's photo, all of the info is in Japanese. So for the first few times we got the binder, M would take it into work and get the whole thing translated before we would stamp it with our inkan (verifying that we've received it) and pass it on to the next neighbor. The information was consistently announcements like a special recycling day for newspapers at the nearby church, or like the one in A's entry, a party invite for the 65 and older crew.

Since the information never seemed to be relevant to us, we stopped having it translated, and just stamped the binder and passed it on (I know, I know, so terrible). Well, in doing so, we were unaware of the mansion clean-up that all residents were supposed to participate in two weekends ago. Oops. Now this past weekend while we were out of town (will post on that later) the hedge outside of our apartment was trimmed - all of it except for the portion right in front of us. Am now wondering if we're being shunned for our lack of participation in the building clean-up...

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