Saturday, June 6, 2009

Festival of Meat - and Veggies!

This past weekend I joined A and M and their coworkers for a farewell dinner party. We went to a shabu-shabu restaurant (check out the link to read more about it), which normally would be a disaster for a vegetarian, but one of their coworkers called ahead to have a special menu prepared for A and I.

This was our first plate, tofu, a tempura tomato, and some type of sea plant in the white cup.

Next up, yuba with shoyu and a cucumber.

More veggies.

Tempura veggies.

Veggies, tofu, yuba, and noodles that got warmed in the pot, and then were dipped into a sauce.

Cold noodles and dipping sauce.

Tomato salad. The food just kept coming and coming. I didn't even get pictures of all of it, we also had soup, pickles, rice with a tasty topping, and a dessert of melon and strawberries. To say my stomach hurt by the end of the night would be a vast understatement.

Good thing beer and wine just fills in the gaps in your stomach. Kompai!

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