Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Fish" Tacos - Take Two

I knew it would be hard to top the "fish" tacos I made last summer with tofu (although honestly I think almost anything beer battered and deep-fried would be good), but I was intrigued by the Chubby Vegetarian's take on "fish" tacos using king oyster mushrooms. Their texture is definitely chewy and meaty (in a good way), and although they were tasty pan fried, I'm looking forward to trying this again when we have access to a grill.


As a funny aside, after moving here M and I discovered that we both really like these mushrooms, and I cook with them pretty frequently. In Japan they are called eringi, and since we first had them here, I never knew the English name for them until I read the Chubby Vegetarian's post and had an ah ha moment of "so that's what a king oyster mushroom is!" Hello.

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