Monday, February 22, 2010


Corecolle is an antique store/resale shop nearby our home that we've driven by a number of times, and had been meaning to venture into for quite some time.

(photo from their website - the USA is now gone, but it looks just as funky! 
At least I'm fairly certain it is gone - could I possibly have missed a giant USA due to the huge quantity of stuff outside...?)

Two weekends ago we checked it out, and were almost overwhelmed. The store has two floors, both of which are just packed to the brim with furniture, knickknacks, pottery, artwork, clothing, and even a large selection of English books, all packed into little segmented spaces and rooms. It is one of those places that we wish we'd discovered earlier so we could have shared it with guests, because I think it is almost impossible to leave without finding something you'd like to take home with you, and the items are much more reasonably prices than other resale shops we've been in. We did find an item that we were both pretty taken with, but decided to sleep on it and come back if it was still talking to us. It did, so we went back on Friday afternoon to rescue it.

 (photo from their website)

This is one of the most interesting rooms in the shop, an all white "upside down" room, that we'd noticed on our first visit (how could you not?). While there this weekend, we (really just Mike) chatted with one of the employees, and he asked us if would be willing to pose for a shoot in their upside down room. We said that we would, and arranged to come back the following day when their photographer would be in. The room was cleared of merchandise, and the photographer told us that the photos would be "free style" - we could pose however we wanted to. Although we were both initially a bit unsure of what to do, we loosened up and had more fun as we went along, and each came up with some fun ideas. Mike posed us for a timing shot, we both sat on the floor (ceiling) and he tossed a ball up (down) in the air as the photographer captured it, and I posed us on our hands and knees looking down (up) at the floor (ceiling). Anyway, it made for a fun afternoon, and the final results will be posted in the shop for other Nagoyans to enjoy!

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