Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fanning Away the Heat

Uchiwa are flat, non-folding Japanese fans. They are a symbol of summer, and are certainly nice to have around in this heat and humidity. Plastic ones are a popular marketing tool and are frequently given away at events, and they are then tucked into the back of one's kimono or yukata for easy storage when not in use.

We're gathering quite a selection! From the left these are from - the sumo tournament, the Okazaki fireworks festival (a nice bamboo one), Central Fitness (my gym), and Softbank (our phone company).

On a sad note (for us, not her), A moved back to the States yesterday - she'll certainly be missed. We had a great last night with A & R, and A treated us to her own send-off bottles of champagne. Thank you! (Is there a limit to how high you can price a bottle of Cook's? I think $38 might be over it....)

(photo courtesy of R!)

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