Monday, July 13, 2009

Cornmeal Crunch & Blue KitKats

This morning I woke up at 4:30, paranoid that the inkan we'd just attempted to have made last night for my card line was going to turn out all wrong (and I still think it is, although we're going to try and get it sorted out tonight). M convinced me to go back to sleep, but even after a couple more rounds of sleeping and waking up, I was still extremely groggy.

I started in on my morning round of blog reading, and somehow stumbled across this one, which then led me to this fun blog about all of the KitKat flavors Japan has to offer. One of her posts was about the same blue "ramune" KitKats that we had tried with A and debated the flavor. M had read the Japanese as "lemonade taste" - but after reading Jen's post about them, and then the comments on A's post about them, it finally all came together in my brain that they are named after a specific brand of soda. (Like I said, I was groggy and my brain was working slowly.)

I decided that I needed a big breakfast to pull me out of my fog, and toasted last night's leftover Cornmeal Crunch and topped them with a poached eggs and some tomatoes. I was pleasantly surprised last night by how good the cornmeal crunch was, and I think it was even better today.

Breakfast and a lot of caffiene did help to wake me up, and while I munched, I scoped out more info on Ramune soda. Thanks to the Wikipedia entry on it, I learned that the name 'ramune' is indeed derived phonetically from the English 'lemonade,' (So you were right on that part M!) and the regular flavor is lemon-lime. And both fizzy lemonade and the unique bottles were imported from the United Kingdom at the same time, so they became associated with each other. Now I need to go out and try some for myself!


Mike said...

Maybe the blue kit kats will act as a sleep aid!

LJ said...

I can only hope!