Friday, April 18, 2014

Week 16

The items: Quite the week --
  • Curtains. Four windows worth of stripy curtains.
  • I forgot to report that I sold a ceiling fan in a previous week!
  • Drinking glasses.
The backstory:
  • Curtains: These were in the house when we bought them, and I thought they'd be one of the first things to go. (Neither of us are particularly fond of curtains. At least in this house.) Fast-forward to almost four years later, and they were still here -- but with new cellular shades in our future, I thought I'd see if I could sell them, and I did!
  • Fan: We ordered mini-fans for our kitchen, but one came with a chip, so we got a replacement, and sold the one with the chip. 
  • Glasses: We got these for our wedding, and love them. They're colorful, and feel perfectly heavy in your hand, but we just don't use them. I'm a bit of a glassaholic, and we have way more than we reasonably need.
Method of expulsion: Sold online.
Monetary impact: $120
YTD monetary impact: $288.88

Confused? Here's what's going on.

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