Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Stuff


Two of the best things I ate this week.

I want to start following the lead of a friend who celebrates Springsgiving on the same weekend that Easter falls every year. They include some secular things like baskets and an egg hunt, have a big dinner packed with all spring foods, and the celebration is all about "spring, rebirth, and growth (literal and emotional)" -- including sharing one personal goal for the "year" ahead. I'm thankful for the idea, and excited about creating and celebrating a holiday about personal growth and the bounty of spring.

10 things Japan gets incredibly right. via The Wanderlusting Expat

The case for fewer -- but better -- clothes.

The little change that instantly gets you in the work zone. Wild. via Sassy Radish

I want all of these gritty cityscapes by Jeremy Mann. via Dooce

Amy Schumer takes on The Newsroom and nails it.

If you've seen Frozen (once, or twice, or...), I think you'll appreciate how it should have ended.

An insanely beautiful DIY bellini bar.

Police mugshots used to be really badass. via Kate

Savoring. via Kate


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