Friday, January 10, 2014

Week 2

The item: Books, DVDs, and puzzles. I have a feeling that come October I'm going to regret not sticking to a single item each week.
The backstory: I don't get rid of books lightly. We have shelves and shelves of books in the basement, anxiously waiting for us to move to a bigger house (or just one with more wall space) someday. So I'm not getting rid of "good" books. These are mostly new-ish textbooks and a couple of baby books that J has outgrown. We rarely watch DVDs (we don't have a DVD player, so if we do watch one, it's on our computers), and these were ones we felt wouldn't be missed. The puzzles were Christmas presents, part of a fun tradition that has passed by the wayside -- at least for the time being.
Method of expulsion: Donated to the Friends of the AADL.
Monetary impact: None -- donation.
YTD monetary impact: $0

Feeling lost? Here's what's going on.

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