Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun with Dye

I had a few items of white clothing that weren't so white anymore, and I had the idea that it would be fun to try and dye them to get a second life out of them. Have you tried looking for Rit dye lately? It's harder than one might think - at least here anyway. I tried craft stores, fabric stores, a hardware store, and big grocery stores, all to no avail.

Thankfully my Mom came through for me, as moms always do, and found some at a hardware store in a different state. Much to Mike's dismay, I had her pick up two different shades of brown for me.

And here are the final results - not exactly perfect matches to the colors on the box, but I'm pretty happy with them nevertheless.


K and S said...

that is a very good way to keep clothes that aren't white anymore. You could also use tea or coffee to dye your clothing naturally, though it will be much lighter.

Linny said...

Definitely something for me to keep in mind for the future! I'd rather do it naturally, and have tried using tea before, I was just hoping to get richer browns. Next time I'll have to try coffee!