Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pizza Night!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love pizza? Okay, I have, I know. It's just that it is so versatile and never disappoints. It's like your favorite book - familiar and comforting - only in a delicious edible form. You know it will be good topped with your old standby toppings, but if you're feeling frisky, you can bet it will be good topped with something a little unusual too.

When I saw Lottie + Doof's Garlicky-Sesame-Cured Broccoli Salad, it's probably no surprise that my first thought was - "Ooh, that would be great on a pizza!" My slight tweaks were blanching the broccoli to take the edge off and using umeboshi vinegar instead of red wine vinegar. After sitting for an hour or so, the broccoli salad went on my pizza with a generous amount of smoked mozzarella and more black sesame seeds. It was a different - but delicious - pizza that might just become an old standby.

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