Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Stuff


The Washington Post's food editor comes out as a vegetarian. via Chocolate & Zucchini

Prepping food for the week. This is extremely impressive.

I think I've been cooking quinoa wrong. Giving it another shot to win me over this week.

Gorgeous food collages. via The Wednesday Chef

I love her "Dating My Husband" series (Once a week she and her husband cook together and have a date at home). The cookbook is going to be lovely.

Ashitaba: Tomorrow's Leaf, Today


Save the Arts! 

Dr. Seuss had a secret hat closet. via Go Fug Yourself

Money Panic. I love #3. 

Jimmy Fallon’s 10 Best Late Night Moments. via Shutterbean

This is a really cool idea (to do yourself!) via Shutterbean


K and S said...

great round-up, the food prep for the week especially amazing!

Lindsay-Jean said...

Kind of crazy, but inspiring all at the same time!

Michael Hard said...

I always loved your quinoa. The Dr. Seuss story is freakin incredible! and thanks for sunday stuff on thursty day.

Lindsay-Jean said...

Oh thanks love!