Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Stuff


Your banana may not be vegan. Really?! 

Is organic better? Ask a fruit fly.

We all know that eating less meat is beneficial for the environment. Here's another reason to cut back. (Or to start a grassroots movement.) via Food52

And if you need a little guidance in the realm of vegetarian cooking, check out this roundup of recent plant-based cookbooks. A number of these are going on my wishlist - for research purposes of course! via Food52


I love this post. This is how it feels to be a mom. via Shutterbean 

40 Inspiring Work Spaces of the Famously Creative. It make me wiggle with glee that one of my bosses is included! via Shutterbean

Portuguese Man o’ War as you've never seen them before. via Dooce

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