Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Stuff

I'm obsessed with pickled celery. It's all due to Smitten Kitchen's recipe for fingerlings vinaigrette with sieved eggs and pickled celery in her new cookbook. It is what potato salad aspires to be. But pickled celery is also great in egg salad, on sandwiches, or straight out of the jar. I absolutely cannot recommend that like me, you eat the entire jar in one day, and then reuse the vinegar pickling goodness for quick-pickling thin cucumber slices. It probably breaks a thousand food safety rules. But if you were to ignore me and do it anyway, your cucumber slices would pick up the celery essence and taste like a party in your mouth.

Happy Easter! Here's more proof that UK Cadbury Eggs taste better than the US version.  via Not Martha Better yet, have you made your own yet? Please share one (or 10) with me.

The Written Word
Why Blog Writing Should Be Celebrated.

I will be sad if USPS stops delivering on Saturdays (although I'm fully in support of the idea), because I too really like checking the mailbox.

Courting Your Long-Lost Writing  via Sassy Radish

Life & Love
Life Lessons We All Need to Learn.  via Shutterbean

Your Phone vs. Your Heart via Sassy Radish

One of the very few downfalls of becoming a parent is that everything rips at your heartstrings. You're always thinking about situations through a new lens. Every time you turn on the nightly news, listen to a human interest story on the radio, hear a touching song....or read a story about elephants. Slaughter of the African elephants.  via Sassy Radish

Sleep of the Beloved. via Design Mom

Why the rich don't give to charity. via Sassy Radish

Just Cuz
Bill Cosby is having a Cosby Sweater-Off to determine the best Cosby sweater. Rules. via Go Fug Yourself

This. via Sassy Radish



K and S said...

love these posts :)

Lindsay-Jean said...

Aw thanks Kat!

Helen said...

I can't get the link about the cookbook to work (under the pickled celery). Am I doing something wrong?

Pickled celery sounds good, but celery is very expensive in Japan...99 to 199 yen (about $1-2) per stalk. :-(

Lindsay-Jean said...

No you're not Helen, the link was wrong! My apologies!

Ah yes, one of the things I've already forgotten from my time in Japan. Perhaps for a special occasion (it really is so so good)?