Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Stuff

I have a whole new appreciation for Sesame Street. This week's highlights were True Mud and Birdwalk Empire. PBS + HBO = parenting nirvana.

Best. Obit. Ever.

Work-Life Balance. It's worth watching.

Not everything can be improved with technology.

A collection of photography from the National Geographic archives on tumblr via Dooce

I still Speedos should be outlawed. But this guy rules. via Shutterbean

The Sleazy Story of Cereal's Success.

Oh I really want this limited edition. So pretty.

Hitting a little too close to home.

With all of the random stories I've read about Japan lately, I can't help but wonder what stories are being published in Japan about the US.


K and S said...

loved that video about "paper" :)

Lindsay-Jean said...

Yes, so cute! :)