Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Stuff

1. Highlight of the week. My new column front and center on Food52 just above a link to Real Time Farms! Woot!

2. I bought an item (sunflower shoots) that I love (really really love, whenever I buy them I look forward to eating them all week) at the farmers market last Saturday morning. I put them in our daughter's stroller, and.....completely forgot about them. Until Thursday night.  Luckily they were in the garage, and we effectively live in a freezer from October through March, so they were fine, but oh do I miss the days when my brain functioned like it was supposed to.

3. Falling as an adult is unsettling. My knee had just healed from a graceful hands and knees fall running for a cab in NYC (that also destroyed a pair of brand new pants). And I did it again yesterday. This time it was a full fall, I was running, hit a patch of ice, and completely sprawled out. My cheek was on the ice, and my first thought was disappointment in humanity, I'm not sure what that says about me.... It was right at an intersection, multiple cars saw me, and not one even rolled down the window to check if I was okay. I was, but still. I'm sore, and have bruises from my thigh down to my foot, but between my memory loss and the falls I'm mainly wondering if I've somehow aged a few decades.

4. Passive aggressive neighbors. I love this. via Dooce

5Nine Houses Built For Spite. Yup, no surprise I love this too. via Go Fug Yourself 

6. And this one. via shutterbean 

7. Jennifer Lawrence deftly handling silly questions after her Oscar win.

8. Fair warning, I found this mildly disturbing. But I couldn't look away.

9. DIY Pantone Easter Eggs and homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

10.  Locally-grown food is now having a national impact. via Sassy Radish

11. Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s CEO has recently instituted a policy that mandates all employees come in to work and not telecommute. Check out the Atlantic's rebuttal. via Sassy Radish

12. We found our son in the subway. via Sassy Radish

13. Don’t Take Anything Personally. via shutterbean

14. I cannot add another blog to my blogroll. But I might anyway. via shutterbean


K and S said...

ouch! hope you are okay, I find thinking "I'm okay" instead "I won't fall" or "don't fall" helps :)

Lindsay-Jean said...

Thank Kat, aside from my polka-dotted leg I'm fine, just a bruised ego. I like the mantra! :)