Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fitting Room Fun

Last weekend we visited the Toki Premium Outlet Mall, which claims to be themed to resemble a Colorado ski resort. That's a bit of a stretch I think, but the mall is nice, it offers good views of surrounding mountains, and most importantly, there are shops with clothes that fit both of us.

As one of the few places where we can buy clothes, it is also one of the few places that we get to experience dressing rooms. Like a number of other situations here, it is often necessary to remove your shoes. Once your shoes are off, you step onto a little square of carpet in the dressing room. And if the item you're trying on needs to go on over your head, sometimes you'll also be handed a sheer bag type thing that you are expected to cover your head with while you are putting on or taking off items. That way if you have any make-up on, it won't get on the clothes.

A bit more of a rigmarole than might be preferred, but worth it for my new pair of running shorts!

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Mike said...

Ski resort?!!....Really?!!!?