Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Nerds XLIII

Since we couldn't watch the Super Bowl, we settled for the next best thing - highlights. When M got home last night, we watched 10 minutes of game highlights, and then almost all of the commercials on YouTube. I think my favorites (in no particular order) were:

- Pepsi Pepsuber (I think really I just miss SNL, we used to be able to watch clips of it when we first moved here, but now NBC has decided that clips aren't available in "our area")
- GE scarecrow
- GE wind energy
- Pedigree

Did I miss any?


Michael Hard said...

I swear somebody called me "Dummy" just like that today. Only it was in Japanese, so I can't be certain!

Seth said...

Check out

I believe they stream copyrighted content, including the superbowl and SNL.

They also had my favorite commercial of the evening.

LJ said...

The vast majority of sites (including don't allow international users to see video content. Comedy Central is one of the few with love for those of us outside of the US...

River said...

The GE wind energy one is priceless!

Thank you for entering my juicer giveaway - I'm just catching up with all the entries! :)

LJ said...

Thank you for the opportunity! :)

JohnnyMacG said...

Thanks for the links to the commercials. I only caught the last 13 game clock minutes (the best), but missed these.