Thursday, February 26, 2009

Science Friday

Recently M and I went to the Nagoya City Science Museum (second choice after learning the Robot Museum had closed over a year ago - dang guide book), and I was pretty pumped, as I generally love science and hands-on museums.

The tickets had QR codes on them, which were scanned to get in. QR codes are all over the place here, on packaging, on signs, in advertisements, etc etc. They can be read by most Japanese mobile phones and direct you to a web site. So presumably I could scan our tickets with my phone and check out the museum's web site.

Unfortunately, although there was an English floor guide, there was very very little English on any of the displays. I did enjoy watching M make smoke signals, but overall this wasn't a destination I'd recommend.


Seth said...

i want a nick name as cool as M's.

Was Ira Flatow with you?

LJ said...

Woulda been a lot cooler if he was.