Friday, February 13, 2009

The Adventures of Monty

I've noticed a lot of homeless cats here. Just out of our windows we see four different ones that periodically pop up on A's garage to watch what's going on in the neighborhood (or maybe just what the birds in the nearby tree are doing). It always breaks my heart to see homeless animals, but there is one cat in particular that I'd like to scoop up and take home with us. We first saw Montgomery (as M dubbed her) a few months ago during an evening run. Monty popped out of some bushes, was extremely friendly, and followed us for a block or so before she took off into the night.

We see her every now and then when we're out running, and the other night she was trying to get to a plastic bag that was tossed into a dense bush. M fished it out, realized that it had discarded food in it, and set it down by Monty. She immediately picked up the bag in her mouth

and was off and running for her "home" in the bushes near this interesting residence.


MIKE said...

Good job with the photos!

lynchrs said...

I would totally take her in! My house feels rather empty with no kitty running around.