Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stovetop Cooking 1.2 and Home Tour Part 2

I neglected to explain that the food posts are titled "Stovetop Cooking," because that's really all we can do here. We have a gas stovetop and a drawer for broiling fish, which we use as a toaster/broiler. We do have a small convection microwave, but we generally use it just as a microwave rather than as an oven. My attempt to bake a persimmon pudding in a cereal bowl didn't turn out exactly as I'd hoped it would...

Sunday brunch on the other hand turned out deliciously. I made french toast with a batter of soy milk, banana, and tahini, and I am really wishing that there were leftovers for me to devour right now!

Happy Birthday to our fur-child!! Hana and her 'sister' Journey both turn 4 today!!

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