Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pitch Piles - Home Tour Part 1

This is our recycling/trash station in our kitchen.

The short one is for non-recyclable materials (not very much falls into the actual trash category - we've only emptied this twice since we've been here). The four compartments in the taller bins hold paper containers and cartons, glass bottles, cans, and plastic. PET bottles are another category, separate from all other plastic, but we don't ever have many of them, so we didn't add in another bin to the mix!

Everything has its own specific bag too. Non-recyclable material goes in the green bag, recycling goes into blue bags (each category into their bag - no mixing!) And burnable materials go into the red bags. That bin lives out on our porch, because as I mentioned here - food scraps in plastic bags get really stinky!

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