Saturday, November 1, 2008

Italia Mura

Yesterday A, M & I went to the aquarium, it was a fun afternoon, and we enjoyed walking around the Port of Nagoya too. They even had an "international" Red Lobster!

We saw signs for an Italian Village, and decided to wander in that direction, only to discover a large boarded up complex, complete with canals and a lonely abandoned gondola.

After we got home, A discovered that it was "Italia Mura," a mall that closed in May of this year. I'm no fan of faux towns (as my father can attest to from all of my griping during his days living in Texas - I would often complain about the uncontrolled sprawl and the fake town centers that would pop up all over the place) - but in this case I was a little disappointed. As I told A, having it close just a couple of months before we moved here makes me feel like I just missed out on some delightful kitschy experience!

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