Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reconnaissance Mission

Okay, so we weren't exactly trying to gather information, but the title might help to make our botched operation sound a little cooler.

Our neighbors across the street have a persimmon tree that I have grown more and more obsessed with as the fruit has gotten riper and riper, and they seemingly haven't harvested any of it. Thankfully I'm not alone in my fixation, A has been intrigued with the persimmon tree too. So last night after our Halloween party, A, M, and I crept out into the street with the hopes of snagging some persimmons. The fruit is concentrated higher up on the tree, and even getting on M's shoulders wasn't enough. We got a metal pole from A's garage, and I proceeded to try and whack down a persimmon while balancing atop M. I was overcome with a massive fit of the giggles and couldn't reach any of the ripe fruit. As I was bent over laughing, a light went out in the house and we became convinced that the neighbors had spotted us and were now watching us from the window. We quickly crept back to our apartment empty-handed. This time.

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