Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Stuff

What I wrote:

All About Galangal and 10 Ways to Use It

Watercress and Our 10 Favorite Ways to Use It

What I read:

I want to start / go back to using a paper planner. via Shutterbean

urchin shell + air plant = jellyfish via Shutterbean

39 people doing passive-aggressive better than you. via Shutterbean

6 reasons every woman needs to travel alone.

The guilt-free guide to getting rid of your sentimental items.

Toddler finally meets garbage men he idolizes and he can't even.

My instagram name (linnylot) is based on James Corden's character (on Gavin & Stacey) Smithy's interactions with his best friend's family (still with me?), so I'm already an instant fan of The Late Late Show. If you have to commute to work in a car, Corden knows the best way to do it.

Supertide at Mont St. Michel. That place is on my must-visit list. via Design Mom

How not to raise a narcissist in 9 easy stepsvia Design Mom

Why don't foodies care about who picked their food? via Ann Friedman 

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