Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Stuff

What's Your Hidden Talent? Sweet. "Half perfectionist, half spaz." At least it's a magical combination? via Shutterbean

Earnestness and The Power of Vulnerability (2nd video down).

End each day like this. via Sassy Radish

Downtown Abbey Christmas Special Drinking Game. Who's with me?

I love Harriet the Spy. I hope Josephine does too. via Go Fug Yourself

And I wish we could send her to "forest kindergarten." via Design Mom

English Muffin Bread.


Cara Rosaen, Live Simply Organizing said...

Harriet the spy was an amazing book! And why are there no forest schools here???????

Lindsay-Jean said...

I know!! Next start-up?! ;)

Cara Rosaen, Live Simply Organizing said...

Just watched power of vulnerability.....couldn't agree more!