Monday, May 21, 2012

Us vs. the Yard - Round 3

A new season, a new field of flowers in the backyard. Yup, we did dig a whole bucket of these bulbs out of the backyard last spring (along with a bucket of tulip bulbs). Mother nature, you win.

All of the peonies we transplanted look really happy, and some have already been blooming. I'm enjoying them so much, I think they might be my new favorite flower. I was hesitant to crown a new favorite, because I know that a number of people associate me with daisies, but they just haven't been resonating with me lately. Does it sound like a break-up? I'm sorry daisies, it's not you, it's me. You'll always have a special spot in my heart, but it's time to usher in a new flower era.

We doubled the size of our garden this spring, and so far everything is thriving. Fingers crossed that beginner's luck carries into a second season.

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