Friday, June 3, 2011

Us vs. the Yard - Round 1

Last fall, we dug up a sizeable corner of our backyard, in anticipation of building garden boxes and planting garlic. Fall quickly turned into winter, and we gave up hope for garlic, but come spring, we were determined to return to our project.

Now that Michigan has finally decided to let us have nice weather, we've made quite a bit of progress! Mike built two 5 by 10 feet raised beds (yes, there is room for two more of those beds in the garden, and no, we've never gardened before in anything other than a window box - dream big!) and created a rock wall edge enclosing the garden area. We've been moving the dirt that we'd removed from the garden area, and are creating flower beds around the garden, on the side of the garage, and along the back fence. The garden boxes have been filled with soil and compost, and we've planted loads of goodies.

Next on the to-do list is tackling the field in the middle of the backyard:

Earlier in the spring it looked like this:

Today my very kind parental units are coming to help dig the bulbs out of the field and move them to the newly created flower beds. Hooray for warm weather, sunshine and progress!


Mike said...

Great pictures! Makes me feel better when I look at my hands...

K and S said...

nice! those tulips look wonderful!