Tuesday, May 24, 2011

27 Weeks Later

Nope, not a zombie flick. Although it could be a sci-fi...I do have a creature growing inside of me...that's right, I'm 27 weeks pregnant!

Since I'm almost into the third trimester, I thought it was about time that I start to document what I've learned so far:
1) Our baby becomes the size of a new fruit or vegetable every week, this week our wee one is the size of an eggplant (or a head of cauliflower depending on which website you're looking at)! This is darling, and so much healthier sounding than learning that your baby is growing from the length of a Whopper to the length of a king-sized Snickers bar.
2) If you choose to find out the sex of your baby, think long and hard before you tell that information to others, unless you are a big fan of pink=girl and blue=boy. I really wanted to know the sex (not for decorating or clothing purposes - we're having a girl and the nursery is blue), just because I wanted to know. If we were doing it all over again, I would still find out, but either not tell anyone, or tell only immediate friends and family and swear them to secrecy.
3) Think even longer and harder about telling your chosen names to other people, unless you are a big fan of unsolicited opinions (what is it about pregnancy that somehow eliminates people's filters?!) or monogrammed items. Again, if we were starting over, I'd keep my mouth shut.
4) As one of the first couples in our friend circle to enter babyland, it has been incredibly helpful to connect with other moms my age. It is wonderful to have someone who understands that it makes perfect sense that you wanted to fall asleep in your spaghetti during the first trimester, and comes through with registry recommendations in the second trimester. Plus, moms already have the whole patience thing down, so you can barrage them with emails and they don't mind (or at least they don't tell you to shove off).
5) You might have heard that it takes an average of 6 to 12 months to get pregnant? Take that with a grain of salt. It could take more, or no time at all.
6) All of the perks of pregnancy - lush, thick, shiny hair, long nails, and glowing skin? Take that with a grain of salt too. If you were lucky enough to get all of that, I'm very happy for you, but no need to rub it in.
7) Someone needs to come up with a biker-inspired line of maternity clothing. I'm imaging shirts with dainty metal spikes strewn across the belly. This would be SO much easier than glaring at belly-touchers, or coming up with a lame excuse to nicely express what you're really thinking.
8) Despite all of the downfalls of pregnancy, it doesn't get much more amazing than feeling a beansy human doing back-flips in your uterus.


Kevin said...

Hey, congrats, eh? Life changes a bunch after a kid, and even more with a second. :)
You'll have fun. :)

Lindsay-Jean said...

Thanks Kevin! I'll take your word for it on the second - one step at a time! :)

K and S said...

great post :) congrats again!

Alison said...

Love all of these, but #7 is my favorite. What a fabulous idea.

Kelsey Graves said...

A girl?!!! I will do everything in my power not to buy you lots of pink monogrammed things ;) ;). Exciting news. Love you cuz!

Lindsay-Jean said...

Thanks Kat!

Al - with all of your free time, maybe you should start a clothing line with me... ;)

Ha! Thanks Kels!