Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fermented Delight

Nattō is a traditional Japanese food that people tend to love or hate, there isn't much room for middle ground. It is true that the fermented soybeans have a pungent aroma and a neba neba consistency (really slimy), and there were certainly some really slimy Japanese foods that I'm happy never to eat again - like grated yamaimo.

For some reason though, I loved nattō. And when one of Mike's coworkers recently shared some homemade nattō with us, I couldn't have been more excited for a familiar taste of Japan.

I gave the nattō a quick stir with my chopsticks, added in a bit of mustard, shoyu, and a handful of green onions and piled it all onto a bowl of rice. Delicious!


JohnnyMacG said...

Ohhhh, no thank you!

Linny said...

All the more for me then!