Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Satoimo and Carrot Soup

I was chatting with a friend (happy birthday gorgeous!) a few days ago, and when she asked what I was making for dinner, I groaned internally. I try not to be preachy about the food choices I make, but rather show by example that a vegetarian diet can be really tasty. But sometimes when we're down to the end of our veggie box, dinner isn't always glamorous. So I had to tell her that we were having steamed sataimo and carrot soup. I should have added on some baked tofu and it would have sounded about as granola-crunching-hippyish as you can get!

But I do love soup, and the carrot and lentil soup was was a tasty thicker version of a plain red lentil soup (it was based on this recipe found about half-way down the page). At the top of the picture are the steamed satoimo (taro root), ready to be dipped in soy sauce.

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