Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ginger Ale Kit Kat

As has been mentioned before, Kit Kat flavors here vary by the season and by the area of the country. I do think that is a really fun marketing scheme, but since I'm not a huge Kit Kat fan to begin with, I mostly prefer to read about other people's adventures in taste-testing. A tried a fair amount while she was here, and now I taste vicariously through Jen Ken's Kit Kat blog. She has even gone so far as to order from the company in order to try Kit Kats from other regions (like soy sauce!), very impressive.

But I do like ginger ale, so I got sucked in and decided to try it. Sadly it did not taste remotely like ginger ale, the outer coating had an offensive lemon-lime taste that was really overpowering. Bleah.

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lynchrs said...

I was so excited about the idea of a ginger ale kit kat until I read you take. Then I read your take on it and now I'm a little sad.