Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wait a Minute Mister Postman

If we miss a package, we get little slips like these in our mail box. Unfortunately it isn't an option here to leave a little note with instructions to just leave the package at the door.

But thankfully, these slips have an English-language assistance line, and they will promptly re-deliver. With these two, I missed a morning delivery, called for re-delivery, and was offered either 5-7 pm or 7-9 pm that same evening. Pretty impressive.

Anywho, I chose the 5-7pm range, and about 10 minutes later was called back. The woman I had just spoken to apologized profusely that 5-7pm was no longer available, and asked whether the later time slot would be okay. Of course that was fine, and she then proceeded to thank me multiple times for my kindness and understanding. Talk about great customer service!

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