Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 49

The items, backstory, and method of expulsion: What's this? More clothes? Yes -- but this was a more productive week than it appears. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I had a tub of "work clothes" in the attic, and I decided that it was silly to keep storing clothes best suited for a job I might never have again (and don't actually want). I decided that items needed to work into my closet/life as it is now, or they needed to go.

A number of items went back into my closet, some of which I know will be easy to work into my wardrobe, others I'll need to give some time to see if they actually get into rotation, but thanks to this project, it will always be in my mind to consciously cull the unworn ones. Other items went into the bag for the annual clothes swap, and a couple items were shared with my mom. (If you're keeping track of bag status, I have one full bag for the clothing swap, one partial bag for donation, and one full bag of my daughter's clothes for my niece.)
Monetary impact: $0
YTD monetary impact: $469.13

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