Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Stuff


GeoGuessr, at Kottke. You’re given five random locations from Google Street View and you have two guesses. via Not Martha

I need this. Or like 10 in a row of them.

23 Ways Your Day Could Be Way, Way Worse. via dooce

33 Teachers Who Got the Last Laugh. I think #12 is my favorite. via Shutterbean

Yup, totally yawned while watching this. via dooce

27 Delightful Obsolete Words It's High Time We Revivedvia Sassy Radish I'm also fond of
"Beef-witted" from a similar list my dad found, meaning "Having an inactive brain, thought to be from eating too much beef."

Balancing Act.


Too bad it's not true.

Flour tortillas. Yes. Always. via The Wednesday Chef

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