Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Stuff

1. Jean-Georges' Ginger Fried Rice. This was named a Genius Recipe on Food52, and for darn good reason. You must make this. You won't break your egg yolk, so yours will look prettier. But it doesn't matter if you're a clumsy egg flipper like I am, you can't mess up a recipe this easy and this delicious. I used a rice blend from Trader Joe's with brown rice, black barley, and daikon seeds. The added texture interest was great, but any rice will do nicely.

2. This is my new favorite blog. I adore every word she highlights. And one of my dear friends wrote about vorfreude, a word which appeared with seemingly providential timing on said blog.

3. I've said this before, but it bears repeating, because I got a repeat visit this week. Why are you trying to sell your religion door-to-door? The Girl Scouts don't even try to sell cookies that way anymore. (Though I wish they did.) Honestly, I'd love to see statistics on how successful this strategy is. Perhaps the numbers don't matter. Maybe if you save one soul it's worth the hundreds of rejections. I need a standard gentle rejection response for solicitors. The door stickers seem too harsh, but I'm almost never in the mood for a sales pitch on politicians, religion, or basement systems (yes, they visited this week too), even when I agree with their position or spiel.

4. While I'm on a negative vibe, are you prepared for an emergency? I'm not. We should maybe do a bit more. If you're in the market to go overboard, you can always pick up a few tips from the Doomsday Preppers. Have you seen that show? It's crazypants. It makes me scared for humanity.


K and S said...

great post, I wish some of those "religious groups" would stop coming to our door too, though when I answer our interphone in english, I get, "are you Filipino"?! WT?!

Lindsay-Jean said...

And why would that be necessary information for them?! WT indeed!