Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mama Musings

1) Aren't unexpected gifts just the best?!

2) Baby jeans. I'm convinced they were invented by a dude. A dude without a kid. A dude who watched his lady hop around the bedroom trying to tug on a pair of too tight jeans and thought, "You know what would be great? If parents could wrestle stiff non-stretchy fabric onto infants." Yeah.

3) Dundee, Scotland just went up in my book. This is probably my favorite recent grocery store purchase. This is a BIG statement coming from a former ginger hater. (Nooo, not that kind-of ginger.) It looks a bit like marmalade, which is admittedly scary. Although I don't think I've tasted marmalade since I was about 12. Doesn't matter though. This is good stuff. Find it, buy it, and slather it on some peanut butter toast.


K and S said...

ooh that preserve sounds delish!

Lindsay-Jean said...

I'll cross my fingers that you can find it somewhere Kat!